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Toffee Pockets

"The poems in this warm and humorous collection centre on the unique relationship of the small child with Grandma and Grandpa. Fresh, exquisitely simple and never over sentimental, they are perfect to read aloud over and over again."



Sticky Ends

Have you heard the tale of Felicity Finch who was prone to pinch?

Or the one about Vince the Mince, the vegetarian dog who took his sprouts far too seriously...


This hilarious collection offers a grisly mix of gruesome cautionary verses, in which assorted characters meet the stickiest of ends!


What are Little Girls Made of? Nursery Rhymes for Femenist Times

"Without being at all obvious this is a fun take on the well-worn nursery rhymes of old. It's fun and jolly and totally on point" - Angels and Urchins Parenting Magazine

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