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27/05/2023 - I’m delighted to announce that my short novel, ‘Jacko’ ( Andersen Press) is now available in all the usual places you buy books from.  It’s a true story and at first, it  was just going to follow the adventures of a baby jackdaw rescued by my friend, Mick when he was a boy in the 50s –  I was certain Jacko’s antics were fascinating, funny and endearing enough to make a charming story, but over tea, Mick casually mentioned that his dad, Bill had been a member of the Caterpillar Club, saved by a parachute when his plane was shot down in WW2, only to be captured by Nazis. Suddenly, I had two flight paths to navigate, Jacko’s and Bill’s and I began to question what flying and freedom really meant to certain birds and men. The book is supposed to be for 9-11 year olds but plenty of adults have enjoyed it too apparently, including the lovely lady reporter on ITV News who interviewed me and Mick at London Zoo, where he used to be Head Keeper of Apes and looked after Guy the Gorilla.  I’m so jealous, I wish I’d been Head Keeper of Apes but they never gave it as an option on Careers Day at my school. I’ll put it on on my bucket list. Meanwhile,  I hope you enjoy reading Jacko as much as I enjoyed writing it.  

05/03/2022 - Here is my number one fan, Isla giving an interview to the local press on World Book Day - thank you so much Isla and thanks also to Grandad Jon for getting in touch to say how much Isla likes my books - Jeanne x

05/03/2022 - I hope everybody had a wonderful World Book Day - here's a picture of Freddie Walker, aged 5 dressed as a Bog Baby! His mum, Liz made the costume for him and I think he looks amazing.

Image-min (1).jpeg

14/08/2021 - Here’s my latest picture book, ‘Somewhere’  published by Nosy Crow with stunning illustrations by Anastasia Suvorova -  available through


14/04/2021 - I now offer virtual author visits for primary schools / key stage 1.

There are two themes to choose from based on my popular picture books: Tadpole’s Promise or The Bog Baby.

Each visit lasts for 30mins and includes:-
1. Story reading.
2. Inspiration for the story and photos of my pet mini beasts.
2. Show and Tell specimens from nature e.g.  giant moth cocoons, preserved exotic beetles and live newts subject to season.
3.Model making demo:  How to make a bog baby and habitat or a jar of tadpoles, weed and frog spawn.
4. Question Time

If you have a book sale, I can personalise, sign and post bookplates to the school if the teacher provides names.
Please consider ordering books from as 80% of their profit goes to support local bookshops.

How to book a Virtual Author Visit:  Please contact for available dates / fees

11/09/2020 - Here's my latest book. Nursery Rhymes for Femenist Times: What are Little Girls Made of?...Girl power! I'm thrilled with the lovely, inclusive illustrations by Isabelle Follath. Find out more here.


25/07/2020 - Delighted to announce that Stardust has just won the Chronos Prize in France. The prize aims to encourage inter-generational relations and to promote picture books through the themes of life, ageing and growing up. The jury is solely composed of readers. A big thanks to my lovely illustrator Briony, my editor Louise Bolongaro and the brilliant team an Nosy Crow.

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